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In outlining the book, we decided to start by giving an account of the world famous İznik tiles and ceramics through a brief history of the beautiful city that gave birth to the tiles and tile-making arts and industry. In the chapters that followed the historical account, we tried to provide brief informative accounts of tile production and tile designs to go on, afterwards, introducing İznik tiles with their most beautiful examples which decorated many of the major buildings dating to the 15th and 16th centuries. Our tour of tiles includes both the tiles that were used in the walls of the buildings and İznik ceramics that are currently exhibited in the museums and collections in the world.

In the book, we tried to introduce the tile decorations that were frequently used in the architectural works of the period by classifying them in accordance with the buildings in which they were used. The chapters following the above mentioned accounts are reserved for the introduction of the list of skillfully produced ceramics in chronological order.

Ücretsiz pdf indir

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